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Benefits of a Living Fence: Nature's Border Control / Green Home

Choosing a living fence allows for not only privacy and border control material that can be used for anything from food to building furniture.

Woodguard Agriculture and Horse Fencing, Playground Materials

Nationwide Supplier of Non-Toxic and Imperishable Horse Fencing, Agriculture Fencing, and Playground Materials. For over 30 years, Woodguard has 

Do It Yourself Vinyl Fence Wholesale Vinyl Fencing DIY Vinyl

With the color being part of the vinyl material, you don't have to worry about chipping or peeling paint. All of our vinyl products are non-toxic, environmentally 

Fence Me In: Sustainable Fencing Options: Bamboo, Composite

Open the gate to eco-friendly fencing, from bamboo to blackberry bushes. and lumber sold for fencing is typically treated with toxic chemicals to ward off insects and transportation may negate whatever green qualities the material offers. has the look of wood but requires no preservatives and little to no maintenance.

Building Materials Woodguard

Non-Toxic Building Materials For Fencing, Agriculture, and Playgrounds If you're planning to build a durable wood fence to keep your livestock safely 

8 Amazing Eco-Friendly Fencing Options - Elemental.Green

Bio composite materials are wholly or partially made up of organic materials. They're eco-friendly fences by nature, since they make use of 100% renewable 

Choose the Best Garden Fence - Organic Gardening - MOTHER

The best garden fence is whichever fence will reliably keeps the critters from best garden fence option may require livestock panels at least, if not chicken wire.

Fence-Seal: environmentally safe non-toxic, VOC free wood sealant

Fence Seal is a non-toxic, VOC free wood sealant. Prevents Saltwater damage to materials; Children and Pet Safe Product when dry; No leaching-high 

Which type of fence material is greenest? Grist

Congratulations on entering a universe in which no landlord can make you endure a toxic/high-impact/just plain ugly fence again. I do indeed 

WOOD FENCES Impact Fence and Deck

Western Red Cedar is a truly sustainable fencing material. Its non-toxic, environmentally friendly wood treatment helps extend the life of the wood thus further