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Question: We are hoping to draw on your experience with teak deck By using duralac on the thread this should give watertight seal.

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Jonny Boys, MD of Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack in Portsmouth, and Thornham Marina in Chichester, tells us how to maintain and check 

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Re: Teak Deck Leaks. What I don't see mentioned is COTTON. There should be cotton driven tight between the planks before compounding.

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My friend that owns it told me that the deck leaks badly when there is If you compare teak decks to the rather maintenance free aspect of 

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Although we didn't have a chance to test the gripping qualities of all the Although it looks good, even the best cork or synthetic teak deck 

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How to repair and maintain a teak deck. Inevitably the teak seams will leak and the trapped water will rust the steel causing it to . In my experience it is much better than 3M 101 - more flexable and resistant to UV and chemical deterioration.

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For most craft where a durable deck surface is required, teak provides the ideal . over the traditional method and the deck is likely to be stronger and leak-free.

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thread but any classics forum needs a more general Deck Leaks And, my deck isn't teak ; My deck is now 75 years old and is pine planks, 1 inch thick. If the hull is tight, then epoxy glass sheathing and paint can work, but 

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Before approximately 1987, Hallberg-Rassy used to lay the teak in silicone. This material kept the deck free from leakage but it was not a particularly good glue.

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A low-budget approach to teak deck maintenance. but the only evidence of this mammoth operation was a tower-top restaurant overlooking the . Whose new owner years later called to ask if the teak decks ever leaked ?

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There's a lot of work required to remove old teak deck and replace it with a new When they started to leak, I knew something had to be done.


But the many leaks that had been patched over the nine years since we took Thailand is the perfect place to have a teak deck fitted. . Although Awlgrip polyester urethane forms a more abrasion resistant finish, Awlcraft 

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Modern, thin teak decks need lots of regular care, and so it's vital to follow this I gladly advise people on how to look after their decks for free, even if it . John Taylor finds a car steering rack gaiter stops leaks from the lifting 

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Jul 9, 1998 Whether we're talking sail or power boats, deck leaks tend to be a ervasive the cores must be designed to be completely water proof, followed by the rule that . If the deck is slightly curved, you need to shape the teak strips 

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Leaks in the deck happen to just about all boaters, including Bill Erkelens. the factory, all of the openings in the deck were beautifully sealed and watertight.

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The old teak deck was both screwed and epoxy glued in place, so ripping Same with all other places that could have a risk of leaking in to the 

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Unlike teak, cork bends nicely on a cambered deck, and most spills will wipe up . When it is dry the joint is tight, leak-free, and nearly invisible.

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Home Synthetic Teak Boat Deck Material Research Synthetic Teak Boat Decking If this type of spill occurs, clean immediately and thoroughly with a soapy 

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With light to moderate carpentry skills owners can do teak deck repairs, a full . half the length of the boat before it finds a penetration to either leak down into the